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Pulse Cinemas:
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Pulse Cinemas has been pushing the boundaries of distribution and marketing since its conception in 2003, constantly thinking outside the box to encourage growth, not only as a company, but also keeping a focus on the whole industry, aiming to educate consumers and professionals alike.

Below are some of the key services from the very core of Pulse Cinemas:

Pulse Cinemas has chosen a portfolio of exclusive, non-conflicting brands – focussing on home cinema and custom install products. All of our brands have been carefully chosen over the years to fit perfectly together, with ease-of-install, reliability, quality, value and compatibility all deciding factors. We have an excellent reputation around the world for developing and growing brands, spending as much time on service, education and support as sales. Our staff are not only specially chosen for their experience and knowledge, but also their positive attitude and willingness to help.

Pulse Cinemas hosts training events for the industry professionals: ISF video calibration, HAA room acoustics and calibration courses help to make sure systems are correctly configured each and every time.

Pulse Cinemas has its own Technical Team that can offer full support across the range of products – phone, email and even on-site support where needed. The first time a dealer purchases a product from Pulse, a member of the Technical Team will be available to guide the dealer through the installation of the product, ensuring that they are fully confident in future custom installs.

We offer help to our dealers who need it – making sure that every one of our products is installed successfully and the client is more than satisfied. We take part in initial site surveys as technical back up for the dealer, produce detailed technical drawings, and even generate 3D drawings of the proposed system. This all helps our dealers to close the sale, maintain profit margin as products are correctly specified, and takes the stress out of the installation and calibration as we are there to help.

Marketing is a big part of Pulse – we are actively promoting our dealers, our industry, and ourselves.

Pulse Cinemas has built great relationships with film industry giants like Fox Home Entertainment and Disney, using our brands and knowledge to enhance events like film premieres and AGMs. This has many benefits to the industry, including raising the profile of high-end home cinema to the right people, introducing our dealers to these people, associating our specialist brands with prestigious events and of course getting tickets to premieres! is a huge resource developed by Pulse Cinemas to help dealers inspire their customers by showcasing a beautiful gallery of the finest home cinema systems installed across the UK, all using Pulse products. We employ a professional photographer to visit each installation. It is used by the trade press to look for great photographs to use in marketing, and also used to inspire end-users to give ideas for their own cinema systems.

We are actively involved in the industry regulator CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) with Managing Director Mike Beatty a member of the expo committee - responsible for the organisation and smooth-running of the annual CEDIA Expo held at London’s ExCel.

We have a large showroom facility, showcasing each of our brands. This allows dealers to experience our systems in full before investing themselves in demo equipment and receive training on the products. If the dealer has a very special client, we help by hosting a demonstration of the best cinema equipment, helping the dealer with the demo. We also have other demonstration facilities around the UK.

Quotes from our customers

“You know how most suppliers try and shift the stuff that they have, irrespective of what you need? Pulse are different. They communicate. They work out what you want, whether it is product, service or support, and then they make sure they deliver it - in spades. They get to know you. They don't talk - they listen. They meet their promises. I wish all our suppliers were as diligent as Pulse

Steve Moore - SMC

“An unparalled service and thorough instruction to another level in picture and sound quality - for the last ten years we have never had such exceptional results and from such a knowlegeable and helpful team to boot!”

Tim Burrow - The Majik House

“Pulse always exceeds our expectations offering help from the start of a project to the completion. Help is also offered on system specification, installation and calibration, making them indispensable and an invaluable partner.”

Warren Markin - Rayleigh Hi Fi

“It’s not only about the product but where it comes from, how it is supported. With Pulse you have something truly unique - the world’s finest products with unparalleled levels of support and knowledge. A truly world class supplier.”

Ian - Custom Sight & Sound Ltd

“Pulse Cinemas are a little more than a distributor, they have shown over the years that they understand custom installation and my business like no other distribution partner.”

Guy Singleton - Imagine This (UK) Ltd

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