Kaleidescape News

The news of Kaleidescape shutting its doors this weekend was as much of a shock to Pulse Cinemas, as I know it was to you all.

We have always been an optimistic company, focused on our successes and aiming to achieve positive outcomes.

After reading Cheena's comments below and knowing that no other product comes remotely close to offering the performance and user experience that Kaleidescape does, we are filled with confidence that a solution and investment could still be found.

“We want to make sure the beautiful work we’ve done doesn’t go to waste. The world deserves to see how close to the finish line we were.”

— Cheena Srinivasan, Kaleidescape CEO

In our opinion, potential new investors and the critical decisions that clearly need to be made in the coming weeks, will be instrumental in the outcome of this challenging phase of Kaleidescape's history.

Pulse Cinemas has always made diligent decisions when it comes to business and protecting our investment. We'd like to reassure our customers that our own finances are in extremely good shape, due to our incredibly strong product portfolio.

Information and assurances regarding the immediate future, any possible user interruptions and of course news regarding open orders of Kaleidescape products, will be answered once we've spoken to the owners this week.

Thank you for your continued support for Pulse Cinemas and our portfolio of incredible AV brands.

Mike Beatty
Managing Director