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Looking to install a cinema in your home? Pulse Cinemas has a network of experienced installers around the country who specialise in the design and installation of some of the world's finest cinemas. We have hand picked the very best components, including projectors from Digital Projection and BenQ, screens from Screen Research, speakers from James Loudspeakers and amplification from Storm Audio, BGW and Audio Control. You'll notice that most of the systems will also include the very impressive Kaleidescape movie servers, delivering an experience precisely as the director intended. See our web site to find our complete equipment portfolio.

Often overlooked by many is the importance of specifying luxurious and comfortable cinema seating, specifically designed for use in a home cinema. Much as when planning a flight across the globe, we are convinced that most discerning travelers would always choose comfort, in order to arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed. Fortress chairs have been designed for your ultimate seating pleasure. A long movie in an uncomfortable chair will leave you feeling fatigued and restless. We invite you to enjoy a movie or concert at our facilities with your chosen dealer. You will experience first hand why the details are imperative when selecting the ingredients of the perfect cinema.

Whatever your budget, we implore you to make the right decisions when considering your equipment, to ensure that your cinema delivers the best possible performance. By choosing a Pulse Cinemas Authorised Dealer and insisting on a 'Pulse Cinema', you'll start the process knowing the equipment selected will always deliver you the impressive results that your home deserves.

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